Teacher Education Course

Copy of TED 5326 Session 1

Teacher Education Course

Audience: Preservice secondary teachers at California State University, East Bay

Responsibilities: Instructional Design, Visual Design, Subject Matter Expert, Facilitation & Evaluation 

Tools: Google Suite


I designed, developed and facilitated the content for the Teacher Education Department course "Teaching English Learners in the Single Subject Classroom" at California State University, East Bay.  This is a course designed for pre-service secondary teachers to learn the theory, teaching practices and strategies required to meet the linguistic needs of English Learners in their classrooms.  This is a sample of the first session of this 7 session course.  Each session lasted 3 hours; so, I created an abbreviated sample version of the first session presentation to display here. 


Teachers entering the classroom are ill-prepared to meet the needs of the large English learner population in the state of California.


An interactive, practical course designed to specifically address best practices that meet the needs of English Learners in the secondary educational setting.  

Design & Development

I chose to incorporate interactive, partnered and group activities throughout this session.  This broke up the content and gave the participants time to digest the new learning and reflect on how to put it into practice within their subject areas.  These activities also allowed me to gather data through observation to identify areas of misunderstanding, so that I could then reteach the concept, clarify misunderstandings, and make note of a need to add these topics into future sessions design and development.   The addition of videos that demonstrate and further explain the new concepts allowed the participants to see specifically how they might apply the new learning in their own contexts.  Interactive knowledge checks throughout the session allowed participants to clarify concepts and solidify learning.